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Unable to send files to local drive – Access denied

Having just spent several hours trying to work out why I couldn’t copy files from the machine I was accessing through Citrix Receiver, I thought I’d share.

Copying files from a remote machine to a local drive in Citrix Receiver results in a dialog titled “Destination Folder Access Denied”. The message reads “You need permission to perform this action”. This is frustrating, as it’s the only way I could get files back to my local machine, and only affected me, not my colleagues. I suspect I selected deny when a prompt appeared some time ago and also checked don’t ask again…

Navigate to the registry key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Citrix\ICA Client\Client Selective Trust\

There are several UID type strings. One has ‘IcaAuthorizationDecision’ appended to it, and a subkey FileSecurityPermission. Mine was this:


Change the value of the (Default) REG_SZ to 2. Sorted. The possible values are these:
0 = No Access
1 = Read Only Access
2 = Full Access
3 = Prompt User for Access