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Spotify web client minimized mode bookmarklet

I was playing around with casting spotify from Chrome to Chromecast, and disliked the cluttered interface here’s a bookmarklet that can be dragged to the bookmarks bar.  When clicked, it toggles the interface to show a more minimal look.  



Here’s the code:
if (typeof spotTgShown == 'undefined') {
var spotTgShown = true;

function spotTg() {
if (spotTgShown){
spotTgShown = false;
} else {
spotTgShown = true;

function spotSm() {
$('now-playing').setStyle('right', 'auto').setStyle('left', '0');
$('main-nav').setStyle('visibility', 'hidden');
$('main').setStyle('visibility', 'hidden');
$('suggest-area').setStyle('visibility', 'hidden');
$('now-playing-widgets').setStyle('visibility', 'hidden');
$('now-playing').setStyle('width', '100%');
$$('body').setStyle('overflow', 'hidden');
$('wrapper').setStyle('min-width', '0px');

function spotLg() {
$('now-playing').setStyle('left', 'auto').setStyle('right', '0');
$('main-nav').setStyle('visibility', 'visible');
$('main').setStyle('visibility', 'visible');
$('suggest-area').setStyle('visibility', 'visible');
$('now-playing-widgets').setStyle('visibility', 'visible');
$('now-playing').setStyle('width', '');
$$('body').setStyle('overflow', '')
$('wrapper').setStyle('min-width', '');

Average selling price for completed eBay items on each day of the week

Here’s a bookmarklet to let you know what the average price of items shown in eBay was on each day of the week.

  1. Drag eBayDayAvg to your address bar.
  2. Navigate to a completed and sold page on eBay.
  3. Click on the bookmarklet.

It’s probably best to run it on a page with the max results as high as possible, and try it on a few pages.  Also limit the page to display the most relevant items.


Here’s the code:

msg = '';
days = ['Sunday','Monday','Tuesday','Wednesday','Thursday','Friday','Saturday'];
items = {0:[],1:[],2:[],3:[],4:[],5:[],6:[]};
$('.sresult ').each(function() {
 title = $(this).find('.lvtitle').text();
 if (!(title.includes('fault') || title.includes('spare') || title.includes('issue') || title.includes('damage'))){
 price = parseFloat($(this).find('.lvprice').text().replace('£', ''));
 date = new Date(Date.parse($(this).find('.timeleft').text() + ' ' + new Date().getFullYear()));
for(item in items) {
 if (items[item].length > 0) {
 msg += days[item] + ': ' + items[item].reduce(function(a, b){return a+b;}) / items[item].length + '\r\n'