Allowing CVS to recurse into subdirectories which aren’t part of CVS

Running cvs up or cvs st from a directory will recurse one directory deep.  If there are no CVS directories in these, it gives up.  To get around this, you can add a CVS directory  with an Entries file pointing to the directory you want to recurse into.  This is my example: CVS.  Replace ‘FolderToRecurseInTo’ in the Entries file with the correct folder name and put the correct repository in the repository file.  Then you can run cvs commands from the lower level directory and they will work on all the directories you specify in this way.

The CVS directory has to go in the directory above the place you run the command, pointing to the directory above that.  E.g. If you run commands from ‘/directory’, place the CVS directory in ‘/directory/meh’ and point the entries file to ‘yay’.  This will mean running cvs status in ‘/directory’ will show the status of files in the ‘/directory/meh/yay’ directory (along with any in ‘/directory/’ and directories one level up from there).

I found this useful because I can now simply run one cvs command to update all the files in my directory structure.

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